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What does 'legal services' mean?

The term “legal services” may include a broad range of services. In addition to providing legal representation, lawyers are able to provide summary advice. Even when you intend on handling your own legal proceedings, a lawyer may assist in more limited roles such as providing advice, guidance, or research. For example, a lawyer may advise on:

  • Limitation dates that might affect your ability to sue, as well as time limits at various stages in the process;
  • The proper Court and corresponding Court documents needed to start or respond to an action;
  • Your legal position and risks to your ability to successfully sue or defend an action;
  • The need for any expert evidence;
  • Whether a settlement offer or plea bargain should be accepted;
  • Whether an appeal should be commenced; and
  • How to enforce court orders.
What services do a lawyer provide?

If you hire a lawyer, the following are examples of the services he or she will provide:

  • Draft pleadings;
  • Arrange for the proper filing and service of the documents on the other party;
  • Take necessary steps to protect your best interests and ability to be successful in your law suit;
  • Conduct necessary searches and investigations, and retain experts to assist your case;
  • Help you obtain documents from the opposing party;
  • Prepare your documents for disclosure to the other party, where necessary;
  • Prepare you for questioning at an examination for discovery or at trial;
  • Conduct questioning of the other party;
  • Present your evidence at trial;
  • Draft court orders;
  • Make court applications;
  • Advocate with community members on your behalf;
  • Facilitate treatment or attendance at various programs; and
  • Negotiate with the opposing party’s lawyer.

Regardless of whether you intend to hire a lawyer to assist you with your criminal or personal injury matter, you should seek advice when you are about to speak to the police. This is because whatever you say can and will be used against you.

How much is this going to cost me?

That depends on the nature of your legal matter. We will discuss fees and any estimates of our time at our initial meeting and throughout the case as requested.

What will happen in my personal injury claim?

Click here for a brief description of a typical personal injury claim.

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What should I do when speaking with the Police?

If you are being detained by the police and they are asking you questions, or about to ask you questions, you must be given the option to speak to a lawyer before providing answers. You are being detained (held against your will) if you are under the impression that you do not have the option to walk away without speaking with them. If you are unsure whether or not you are being detained, you should ask. If you are not allowed to walk away without answering questions, then you are being detained even if the officer says you are not being detained. Once you are detained the police must give you the option to speak with a lawyer before speaking to them. If you are not given this option, you should demand to speak to a lawyer. You should always take the opportunity to speak to a lawyer first so you can describe your situation and get advice on your rights, and what you should say, if anything, to the police. You have the right to speak to your lawyer of choice. If you do not have a lawyer of choice, or if your lawyer of choice is unavailable, you have the right to speak to a Legal Aid (no cost to you) lawyer. Every situation depends on its circumstances, and you are in a no-lose situation if you take the opportunity to speak to a lawyer. You are not obligated in any way to hire that lawyer for the matter in which you are seeking advice, and you are not obligated to follow his or her advice. For more information on criminal matters, see Criminal Defence.

I’ve just been charged with a criminal offence. What will a lawyer be able to do for me?

We advise you to hire a lawyer to represent you before the Court. Once you’ve retained our services, we will be able to appear in Court on your behalf, begin to assemble all evidence in your favor to use at Trial, or, if appropriate, negotiate with Crown Counsel on plea and sentencing options, help you prepare for court appearances (including trial), and represent you effectively throughout the appropriate process you select (Trial or Sentencing). We will put together a team of experts and investigators to prepare the best defence possible. Much of the nature of your case will be depend on what you have been charged with, and the evidence gathered and presented by the Crown Counsel.

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What will happen in my criminal proceedings?

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